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Off Season Clinics at Base Knox

Base Knox Sports Academy Off Season Program- East Side Cal Ripken LL

The Base Knox two hour off season CORE program is a culmination of a cardio warm-up and specific body stretches followed by a med ball series that strengthens the core to help with hitting and throwing. The CORE program can also include a concentration on the mechanics of throwing and hitting or a combination of both pending the wants and needs of the organization.

Price breakdown: $300/student includes the 16 week program along with the hitting program listed below.


The one-hour BKSA team hitting program breakdown is as follows: If more than 10 from your program sign up for the CORE training above, BKSA will charge $10/player for a one hour hitting session. However, the hitting groups will need to be in groups of 4-5 players to obtain that pricing. One-on-One sessions are $40, two-three players would be $15/player.

The 2016-2017 CORE program will start the week of November 28 and run for 16 weeks. The sessions will be offered: Monday –Thursday 5-7p, 7-9 Friday 4:30-6:3 Saturday 11a-1p, 1p-3p Sunday (flex class with the Packer schedule) Make-up sessions will be allowed but on the descression of the BK staff.

Off Season Clinic with Over the Wall Baseball Academy

Throwing and Pitching Classes: Run by Coach Chris Krepline and staff 

BASIC- Athletes will develop proper routines for warm ups, stretches, basic mechanics through drill progression, throwing progressions and learning proper arm care.  Development of pitch types: 2seam, 4seam, cut fastball and changeups will be taught as well as routines to continue to develop location and accuracy.  New and young players 8-12 years old 

INTERMEDIATE- Athletes will engage in continued routine work for arm care as well as incorporating arm-strengthening drills through our velocity program.  Development of all pitch types as well as beginning basic pitching philosophy through classroom sessions.  Video analysis and radar readings will help to see progression through the program. Players with experience in the OTW program and middle school aged athletes beginning pickoffs and stealing. 

ADVANCED- Athletes will develop proper in and out of season routines through bullpen work, velocity training, strength training, as well as learn daily and weekly routines to become a complete pitcher.  Velocity readings and video analysis will be done as well as classroom sessions to help develop bulldog mentality and greater understanding of the game.   Players with experience in the OTW program and high school aged athletes.  

Hitting and Fielding Classes: Run by Coach Mike Wallerich and staff 

Each class will consist of teaching the athletes the proper mechanics of the swing along with fielding a baseball.  As we progress through the winter, your sons will learn the “musts” of the swing.  Every great player has their own little details to what helped them be successful.  However, all great players have these musts in common because they are backed by the science of the swing.   

Along with mechanics, we will spend more time on approach and what you should be swinging at.  As players get older, pitchers get better and with baseball being the only game where you don’t control the ball on offense, to be successful you have to have a solid approach before you step into the batter’s box.   

Each class is geared towards teaching the players at the level they are at. Each athlete might have a different skill set and we will look to attack each player’s strengths and weakness to create a better baseball position player

Coaching Clinic