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Home of Green Bay East Side Youth Baseball

2015 Fall Slugger Apparel Sale

The league is doing a fall Slugger apparel sale.  Please see the "apparel" or "Slugger Travel Teams" pages to see the awesome selection the apparel team have put together.  Awesome Christmas presents!!

Open Board Positions

As the league wraps up 2015 and starts planning for 2016 we have some open board positions to fill.  Please consider one of these open positions.  This request is two fold - 1. new fresh ideas are great and we welcome new faces to the board, and 2. this league is us the parents that give our "all" to provide an experience for our kids.  This "all" can be washing uniforms and getting kids where they need to be, or it can be coaching or it can be a board member - the more help we have the greater this league can be!! 

We currently have the following open positions -

  1. president
  2. secretary
  3. player agent
  4. director of concessions

Please review the letter from the current board president for additional details on each open position and seriously consider any way you can help the league. 

Additionally, please consider any way you can give your "all" and communicate that to a board member so we can find a place to use you talents/energy. 

Off season camps and clinics

As we hear about area off season camps and clinics/off season training opportunities they will be posted in the "Camps/Clinics" section of the website.  Check back regularly to see if anything new has been added.  We will also post these opportunities to our Facebook and Twitter sites - like us/follow us to be the first to know!! 

Time line of calendar events

No upcoming events found.

No Big Barrel Bats!!

As you are out shopping for new equipment remember per Cal Ripken big barrel bats are NOT allowed. Bats need to be 2 1/4 and not longer then 33 inches. BPF cannot be greater then 1.15.